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Periko's story

When I returned to Bariloche in 1989 to settle down here, I rented a house at km. 7,5 with the idea of making it a youth hostel. The day I was given the keys of the house, I was told : “By the way, Periko is part of the house”. So, I adopted this huge brown ‘kind faced’ dog by obligation.

When the youth hostel started to operate as ‘Alaska’, Periko became an essential part in the history of the place. People talked about him, fed him, laughed at his charming facial expressions and the way he moved his whole body to wag his unexistent tail.

I remember so many anecdotes…. Such as the time Periko found the meat delivery truck door open, the day he ate one of the backpackers’ salami and drank another one’s milk, the times he got stuck halfways in the kitchen window…

The street fights with other dogs, followed by his unseparable disciple Otto, where a custom in the neighbourhood… like that time when the Jazz band was playing in the park and Periko decided he did not like the attitude of a passing dog, so naturely, hell broke loose and all the dogs joined the party. 


The band kept on playing at first, but the barking and growling became so loud that it was unbearable. It was then when the musicians started striking at the dogs with their instruments, and Diego, the trumpeter, gave Periko a blow in the back with his golden instrument …. Nowadays, Diego still plays music with the crooked trumpet.

Periko, after winning many battles in his life, left us the first day of Autumn in 1999. His magestic figure, imponent bark, his charming and adorable face, and loving character, remain in our hearts.

Periko is a legend, and it is an honour to dedicate this youth hostel to this friend who has been a faithful companion during these 10 hard years of the hostelling life.

Marcelo, owner of Alaska youth hostel and Periko’s