Route 40

Route 40, the spirit of Patagonia

You can book the ticket for the route 40 from Bariloche to El Calafate in the front desk of the hostel.

Route 40 Day one

Very early in the morning we depart Bariloche in the direction of Perito Moreno, passing for the Gutierrez, Mascardi and Guillelmo lakes, going through the down of El Bolsón, Esquel an area known for its incredible mountains and valleys, big vegetation and numerous lakes.
Later we decend slowly into the immenseness of the patagonian steppe, which is geographically almost 70% of this territory.
When then pass trough some small towns halfway through the trip. At about 1400 hrs we will arrive one of these, Gobernador Costa, where we will have lunch (not included) and later continue upwards to the city of Perito Moreno where will spend the night to rebuild strength for the next day of incredible scenery.

Route 40 Day two

Those who take the option Cuevas de las Manos, we will depart at 7am (those who don`t depart at 10:30am). Now, with the sunrise above the horizon, purple skies with its red landscape, just like in yours dreams we depart in the direction of Las Cuevas de las Manos, located in the aimpressive canyon of Rio Pinturas. It is a fabulous wealth of humanity where the first habitants of this land left their handprints in cave paintings that date back to almost 9000 years ago.
Later we head in the direction of the roadside inn Bajo Caracoles, to hava lunch (not included) and then take the Route 40 again to the destination of El Chaltén, a small mountain village, wich is considered the trekking capital of Argentina, a place where you can see the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre peaks with their impressive glaciers and turqouise lagunas that will leave you breathless, without a doubt one most impressive places in the Patagonia.
We arrive to the hostel in El Chaltén where the accomidations will be indicated aaccording to reservation.